We at Picosa exist to create food products that are not only great and healthy for your brain and nervous system and fulfil all your macro nutrients and maintain a healthy gut flora.
We believe and consistently work towards “MAKING OBESITY AND STARVATION OBSOLETE FROM THE WORLD”. We aim to make a significant progress in our journey by the end of year 2025.
Picosa's Low Carb Spice Pastes are amongst the healthiest of all the options available in the market.
Picosa's Spice Pastes are made from 100% organic ingredients that have the lowest carbohydrate quantity per 100 grams. They also have 0 grams of added sugar to them that help you maintain your blood sugar levels.
Picosa’s Low Carb Spice Pastes have 0 grams of Added Sugar. They have less than5 grams of natural sugars (Nett weight) present in vegetables and ingredients such as coconut.
Yes, all the spice pastes are made fresh according to order before they are shipped.
The shelf life of all the spice pastes is 75 days upon storing appropriately. Refrigerate before and after use to yield the maximum out of the products’ usability,
You might agree that home-made food is possibly the purest quality of food, correct? And how long do you keep the home-made food before you throw it away or discard it. And the answer is definitely not 3 months.
About 95% of total commercial food available in the market has about shelf life of 6 months or more because they have a lot of artificial stabilizers and preservatives that enable them to be so. Hence
Select your vegetables or meat of choice and combine them with Picosa’s Low Carb Spice Pastes to either use them to make curries, baked items, salads or anyways according to your imagination.
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We offer 2 size variants in each flavour. The bigger size is 250 grams and the smaller size is 125 grams.
Yes, all our spice pastes contain Himalayan Pink Salt. We would request you to taste them initially before adding more salt to your final prepared dish using the spice pastes.
Depending upon your region, your order can take anywhere from 4-12 days to receive the order from placing the order.
Once the order is dispatched from our end, you shall receive a unique tracking number via email or contact number (whichever detail is mentioned as a contact information with us) and you can track the order using that. We use a 3rd party courier partner and hence once the order is dispatched from our end, it depends upon the courier company to deliver the order and fulfil them.
We deliver to about 26,000 pin codes across India.
Picosa’s Spice Pastes have less than 4 grams (Nett weight) carbs. Hence you can indulge guilt free in using our pastes without the worries of the Carb count.